The purest version of Açaí

Our Açaí Bio pulp is born in the region of Belém – Brazil, using agricultural practices that promote the natural cycle of resources, ecological balance and preserve the biodiversity of the Amazon Forest.
Açaí arrives daily at the factory to be cleaned and pulped in a fully automated and safe process. After packaging it is frozen to preserve all its vitamins and nutrients. All this production goes through a strict control to guarantee the quality and to obtain the certification.
This is how this organic superfood comes to you to make your meals enriched with antioxidants and lots of energy!
Wrap this açaí pulp with ingredients to your taste, natural fruit or Nutricau fruit pulp, coconut milk, peanut butter, seeds or simply delight yourself with this pulp with unique taste of açaí!

The Flavour of the Amazon

15 units (4 x 100g)

Nutritional Table (per 100 g)

Energy – 188kJ / 45kcal

Lipids – 2g, of which saturates – 0,7g

Carbohydrates – 10g, of which sugars – 6,8g

Fiber – 1g

Proteins – 0,6g

Salt – 0,04g

Units per box

15 units (4 x 100g)