A pleasant mixture of oat flakes, coconut flakes and almonds with whole cane sugar.
Usually consumed in morning meals or snacks, you can add this delicious crunchy mixture to your açaí bowls or smoothies and make them even healthier.

Granola is a great ally to keep your intestines up to date and this is the best choice, rich in fiber and low in sugar and salt.

The Flavour of the Amazon

6 x 1000gr

Tableau nutritionnel (pour 100 g)

Énergie – 1796kJ/427kcal

Lipides – 13g, dont saturées – 6g

Glucides – 61,1g, dont sucres – 15,2g

Fibres – 9g

Protéines  – 12g

Sel – 0,2g

Unités par boîte

6 x 1000gr