Açaí is the fruit of the açaizeiro (Euterpe oleracea), a palm tree that grows on the banks of the Amazon River. Often considered the number one food in the world, this Superfruit is part of the food of the indigenous and native tribes that inhabit this forest.


It is considered a superfood with highly antioxidant properties due to the high presence of anthocyanins, substances that help repair oxidative stress and fight free radicals.


Proteins have as one of their functions the formation of amino acids, the main muscle builder. Another important function of proteins is the contribution to the production of antibodies (defense cells of the organism), strengthening the immune system and increasing the ability to fight infections.


Due to its high fiber content, it helps intestinal transit, preventing colon disease.


We find in this fruit the following vitamins: C, B1 and B2. Because it is rich in vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system, and fights anemia, as it contains iron and vitamin B.

Unsaturated fatty acids

Contains essential fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9 that help in the regeneration of cells and heart problems.

And Still…

It also contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Due to its nutritional benefits the consumption of Açaí has increased worldwide especially by those who favour a healthy and balanced nutrition.

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