AquaCoco, Agua de Côco - a super natural and refreshing isotonic drink!

Without preservatives or dyes, low in calories and with high nutritional value, it reaches you while maintaining the flavor and characteristics of the product.

The coconut water production process begins with the selection of the best coconuts to extract water with the sweet taste that everyone loves. After washing the coconuts and extracting the water, it is immediately cooled to a temperature of 4ºC to preserve the product in its best form for consumption. Produced under the strict hygiene standards of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, which guarantees PAS – Programa de Alimentos Seguros (Safe Food Program) certification.

The Flavour of the Amazon

12 x 300ml | 6 x 1000ml

Nutritional Table (per 100 g)

Energy – 188kJ / 45kcal

Lipids – 2g, of which saturates – 0,7g

Carbohydrates – 10g, of which sugars – 6,8g

Fiber – 1g

Proteins – 0,6g

Salt – 0,04g

Units per box

12 x 300ml | 6 x 1000ml