About Us

Our Story

Upon the return from Brazil of one of the founders, who was not indifferent to the potential of the superfruit, the idea of presenting açaí to Europe came up, and the Açaí Amazon® was created, the first brand of açaí in Europe. Based on innovation and diversification the company So Cool was established, selling fruit pulps, granola and açaí in different flavours and formats.
Currently we have an açaí pulp factory in Belém-Brazil and produce açaí berry sorbets in Europe. Through our network of distributors at an international level, our products are nowadays present in several European countries, Rússia and others.

We have a wide range of products ideal for your industry. The incorporation of our range of Exotic Fruits will turn your product or recipe even more delicious and healthy, satisfying the expectations of the most demanding Client. We have formats and quantities suitable for the industry with a large variety of flavours in pure frozen pulp or in powder, tapioca and drinks.